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Are you self-confident and feel that you exude style, competence and trustworthiness or do you feel that your image and your clothing do not reflect the professional or personal identity you wish to project?

I am a French personal stylist and image consultant based in Cape Town, South Africa. My clients are men and women, individuals and corporates, who are looking to change their image for the work place and in a variety of social situations.

My aim is to transform the way you feel about yourself, enhance your style, help you to discover your true potential, show you what suits you.

I work closely with clients, helping them to manage their appearance by addressing all the key elements - clothing, grooming, body language, etiquette and vocal communication.

Consultations are personally tailored so as to meet the specific needs and characteristics of each client.

Are you ready to make those changes?

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"After meeting Olivia, the whole shopping experience which I used to loathe is now easier as I know what suits me and where to go, and especially what to avoid" - Lindsay