Client Testimonials

Dear Olivia
Thank you so much for your excellent choice, concern, advice and help. I will never forget my wonderful day that you created. I regret not using up all my funds,but I was happily exhausted. I am so glad I met you and you gave me a lot of confidence. Lets hope we will meet again.
Take care

Hi Olivia
Thanks for such a fun day on Friday – I loved it! You really are brilliant at spotting a winner and guiding me to the things that suited me. I got so many lovely basics for my money. I’ve been wearing my new leather jacket non-stop! I’ve re-arranged everything in my cupboard with all the colours together and all the neutrals together. So much easier to know what to put on in the morning. This is just what I wanted – ease of dressing in the morning. Feels luxurious. Anyway thanks again Olivia you really have given me a great boost in confidence and a fresh outlook on dressing. I actually love dressing up and for the past few years I got a bit heavy and frustrated about the whole thing. I feel much lighter and really quite excited about the possibilities of putting together outfits. Chat soon again.
Warmest regards

Hi Olivia
Just to let you know that I’m loving my clothes that we bought together, and that I get so many compliments!! I feel FANTASTIC, so thank you!!
Warm regards

Dear Olivia
The evening was a grand success and I felt terrific. And Charles thought the outfit was beautiful! I didn’t have to ask him. He exclaimed spontaneously. There were about 500 – 700 people and all shapes and sizes and outfits, you would not believe. I was so grateful that I looked chic, for the outgoing president.
Thank you Olivia.
Luv Ann

Hi Olivia,
I would like to genuinely thank you for encouraging me to just be me! It’s so true when they say: “Why be a 2nd rate version of someone else, when you can be a 1st rate version of yourself?” Although I believe that I have a good dress sense and style, through our consultation you helped me with the following:
1.) To chuck out a lot of the clothes I was hanging onto for the sake of hanging onto them.
2.) You helped me explore variations of ways to mix my current wardrobe.
3.) Helped compile a list to complete the basic items in my cupboard.
4.) You changed my mind about me warring flat shoes and on the contrary not always wearing high heels!
5.) You visually showed me the result of rather wearing fitted clothing rather than baggy and untailored clothing.
6.) NB: Most NB you encouraged me to remain being me! Tom is next – looking forward to doing his wardrobe and matching some of our outfits!

Olivia – thank you again.
Kind Regards

Hello Olivia
I have just unpacked my purchases and I am very excited. My wardrobe starts looking as if I am going to have something to wear AND that I will look as if I put some thinking into my clothes. Thank you very much for putting up with me. I would love to do this again in summer
Kind regards

Dearest Olivia
Thanks again for the consultation and shopping. I really think that I have some good stuff. Shelley really likes what we bought and thinks that I look totally different … in a good way.

Hi Olivia
Hi Olivia! Thanks so much for your wonderful help! My daughter and my mother were bowled over! Now I just need to maintain it! Thanks so much!!!

Hi Olivia

Thank you for all your help. I feel so confident which is wonderful and looking in the cupboard is a pleasure! Will stay in touch.



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