About Olivia

Olivia Davidson grew up in Paris where fashion and style are taken for granted. Projecting the right image at work and socially is something the French take very seriously.

In her early 20s Olivia moved to London and began her working career in the fashion industry, launching her own ladies’ wear retail business. After spending many years sourcing clothing and accessories at international fairs, she became fully familiar with all the essential elements of style and fashion. This knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to her in her private consultancy work as a stylist and wardrobe consultant.

In 2000 she chose to concentrate on personal consultancy work, and set up ‘Davidson Image and Style Management’ She has since worked extensively with men and women in both the private and corporate sectors in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London.

“I believe it is essential to get to know my clients well before I begin to style them. My experience has shown me that personal attention and a professional appraisal of what most suits a client produce the best possible results.”

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